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ACID TECHNO CHICAGO HOUSE: HAHA Industries UTR#13 Warehouse Party feat. D&D (HAHA) + African drum set by Malik + HAHA Industries Podcast.

See you on the floor for this one kids… a night of classic techno, acid house and afro inspired electronica thanks to Sydney Warehouse rockinig HAHA

HAHA’s own D&D (Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes) all night birthday Dj set
African drum set by Malik Senegal

Live illustrations by Paul Abstruse;

BYO / 10PM

Tickets $20 – on sale now;

It is time to not only celebrate the safe return of all our fine troops but also to raise our glasses in honour of one of our militia’s top commanders. On this night we would like to help commemorate yet another year on this fine wonderful planet for none other than Lieutenant Fernandes.

To help celebrate, our new allies, the ZULU WARRIORS have been asked to perform a unique and empowering number of their warrior chant dance numbers live in the flesh with nothing else to derive the sounds but their hand made drums and their voices to energetically get us all up on our feet wailing the night away!

WE ASSURE YOU… these warriors will set your feet on fire!

And to help us maintain the velocity of our feet on the night, our Reception Marshals have asked Lieutenant Dave Fernandes himself as well as Lieutenant Dean Dixon to take to manning the wheels of our tanks, to spin the dials of our operating systems and to pull the triggers of our anti-aircraft guns to help us light up the night in fine fashion and with an artistry of noises to have each and every single one of you beating your chests, pounding those terrifying thoughts of battle out, and reaching for that starry night sky!

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CLASSIC NEW YORK HOUSE: Lil Louis – Club Lonely vs The Conversation (Original Sydney Underground 15 Min Edit)

A quick edit of some classic HOUSE cuts by Lil Louis just for youtube.

Tracks Used:

Lil Louis – Club Lonely (Original Version)
Lil Louis – The Conversation (Original Underground Version)

Get in touch for a download info

CHICAGO HOUSE CLASSIC: Adonis – We’re Rockin Down The House (Original Trax Record Version)

Adonis – We’re Rockin Down The House

Another classic 303 cut by Adonis on Trax Records.

Whenever I hear this I always think back to the times I heard Simon Caldwell drop this one at Mad Racket on the wooden dancefloor at Marrckville Bowling Club Sydney, it has been a while since I been to one of their parties but they always deliverd with the music, one of the few parties still flying the flag for chicago & deep house sounds  in Sydney.

Rockin’ Down The House (Toby Tobias & Hardway Bros Re-edit)

I also been hearing this re-edit around in mixes and on dancefloors a bit, remixed as part of the Trax Re-edited selection featuring edits by Greg Wilson, Leftside Wobble, Leo Zero, JD Twitch, Andy Blake, Swag, Ray Mang, Justin Harris, Neville Watson and more

Released by: Harmless
Release date: Feb 7, 2011


CLASSIC CHICAGO HOUSE: Lil Louis – French Kiss

There is only one Lil Louis!

Chicago based DJ and producer.

One of the most popular Chicago house producers during the late ’80s thanks to his massive club hit “French Kiss“, Lil’ Louis was also the only Chicago producer to successfully deal with the major labels; he released two albums for Epic, and only left the label at his own instigation. Born in Chicago, Louis was the son of guitarist Bobby Sims, who recorded for Chess and appeared with the psychedelic-soul unit Rotary Connection. He grew up with nine siblings and played both drums and bass as a child, then began DJing in the mid-’70s (he earned his nickname after appearances at the club River’s Edge while still in middle school). By the end of the decade he had his own club, the Future, where he began working on his editing techniques, thanks to a cassette deck and later a reel-to-reel recorder.
By the 1980s, Lil’ Louis was hosting the biggest house parties in Chicago, and he began recording his productions around that time as well. His first single “How I Feel” appeared on his own label, and he began collaborating with Marshall Jefferson on several tracks – “Seven Ways to Jack” by Hercules, Byron Stingily‘s “I Can’t Stay Away”. In 1987, his new single “French Kiss” became a local hit, then a platinum-selling international classic after being licensed to CBS and ffrr. The success triggered a major-label contract through Epic, and the release of his debut album “From the Mind of Lil’ Louis” in 1989. Charting a course across jazz-fusion and R&B as well as house, the LP was one of the best produced by any of the Chicago figures, and included session contributions from Larry Heard, Die Warzau and his own father on drums. From the album, the moody single “I Called U” became another club hit. His follow-up LP, the more stylistically unified “Journey with the Lonely”, didn’t fare as well and Lil’ Louis retired from recording for over four years, preferring instead to set up his own studio in New York and work on production with Babyface and Me’Shell Ndegeocello. He returned by collaborating with “Little” Louie Vega of Masters At Work and also worked on production for Black Magic.

Download: Lil Louis French Kiss (original)

Download: Lil’ Louis- “French Kiss” (Backup Your Conversation)

More rare versions and dope write up on Lil Louis @ Hashmoder online.

CHICAGO HOUSE: Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (Trax Records, 1987)

Download Original Mix

Your Love by Frankie Knuckles: a song that will be raved about for ever (The Guardian UK)

This Summer of Love anthem still packs a punch after influencing a quarter-century of pop and dance music

Frankie Knuckles & Chris McAvoy (Fri, Jan 13, ...

Image via Wikipedia

Trying to nail the exact appeal of a song is a bit like taking a hammer to a frog. Sure, you’ll splay its innards and identify the individual bits that make it what it is, but why would you want to? Never is this daft metaphor more true than in the case of dance music, where genre classics are supposed to transcend nerdy analysis.

But sometimes a song has such power it can define a genre and a generation – surely that deserves more than just fleeting dancefloor glory? So goes the story of Your Love by Frankie Knuckles, a track considered an anthem for Britain’s 1989 Summer of Love, unwittingly going on to influence a quarter-century of pop music and dance culture.

“From the arpeggiated synth line to that thick, fat analogue bassline, it’s one of a handful of tunes that captures the spirit of acid house,” says Nick DeCosemo, editor of Mixmag. “Lots of current producers still look back to it for inspiration.” DeCosemo insists electronic music wouldn’t be the same without it. Dave Pearce, who interviewed Knuckles for a special edition of 6Mix on BBC 6 Music last weekend, agrees. Pearce tells me it’s not just misty-eyed rave nostalgia that gets him going, “it works because it manages to combine a soulful spirituality with a darker side, while being very sexual at the same time”. Not bad for a track recorded for a laugh in the DJ booth of one-time Chicago house club, The Power Plant, with a drum machine borrowed from Derrick May and pal Jamie Principle roped in on vocals.

Knuckles, a 55-year-old New Yorker whose name hardly ever appears in print without the words “godfather of house” preceding it, has even managed to pip Chicago icon Oprah in having a street named after him in the Windy City, so appreciated is his influence on the music scene. Meanwhile, America’s doyenne of daytime TV had to wait around until this week before finally being honoured with Oprah Way.

But it’s not just me, club DJs, and the mayor of Chicago who remain hypnotised by the Knuckles back catalogue: Animal Collective sampled Your Love on My Girls while Friendly Fires covered it on their Photobooth EP. And, of course, the Source mixed it under Candi Staton‘s You Got the Love and produced an even bigger hit (several times over), spawning additional covers from Florence and the Machine, the xx and, er, Joss Stone.

In short, the debt pop music owes to Your Love isn’t just to those old enough to have indulged in the days of acid house (as opposed to huddling in front of the box for the next episode of Fun House). Nor can the track be relegated to propping up the bargain bins of 90s pop. To paraphrase Pearce, its shelf-life extends way beyond the usual dance music sell-by date, largely because “it’s an exquisite record you can really lose yourself in. It will just live for ever.”

CHICAGO HOUSE: Darryl Pandy Live at ‘The House Sound of Chicago Concert’ 1988

DJ International Records ® presents The House Sound of Chicago Concert 1988 in Rotterdam, Holland. This final Part 09 features Darryl Pandy. This was the first House Music Concert of many more brought to the world from Chicago. * Special thanks to Rocky Jones, Benji Espinosa and DJ Boogieman (Music Video Editor) for providing the videos.


CHICAGO HOUSE MUSIC: Farley Jackmaster Funk and Darryl Pandy- “LOVE CANT TURN AROUND”: A Tribute to Darryl Pandy.. R.I.P

I just heard on twitter via Junior Sandchez  that Darryl Pandy, The ground breaking Chicago house vocalist has has passed away today.He will always be remembered in the House ciricles for the musical legacy he left including A cover of Isaac Hayes‘ “I Can’t Turn Around” he did with Farley Jackmaster Funkc called ‘Love Cant Turn Around’. The groundbreaking  cut introduced the world  to the House sound that was generally confined to Chicago & Detroit clubs & warehouses at the time. It was the first house record to reach top 10 on it’s release and paved the way for the vocal house sounds we know today.

We thought it would be fitting to remind everyone what this man did for real House music by paying tribute to the man and his musical legacy.

RIP Darryl Pandy!

Farley Jackmasterfunk & Darry Pandy – Love Cant Turn Around

Darryl Pandy – Free Man

Darryl Pandy – I Love Music

Darryl Pandy – Sunshine & Happiness


Image via Wikipedia

Its all about THAT BASS! one of my favorites Chicago House tunes, and great to still hear it getting times played on more then a few occasions around Sydney too. I heard Simon Caldwell drop this at Mad Racket in Marrickville on more then a few occasions and also the lads at HAHA warehouse parties don’t mind pulling this one out either.

Adonis is a Chicago acid house pioneer who made his name with the classic 1986 tracks ‘No Way Back’ and ‘We’re Rockin Down The House’.

Adonis recorded many innovative and influential dance tracks. Born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, Adonis was introduced to music at a young age. He played bass guitar with several jazz and funk bands and was eventually introduced to a raw and untamed art form that was brewing in Chicago. The art form is now called house music worldwide which subsequently spawned acid house, techno, trance and drum & bass.

As “Michael A. Smith“, he was a member of the band Clockwork. They recorded “I’m Your Candy Girl”, a post-disco boogie song.


ELECTRO : Cybotron – Clear (Juan Atkins)

Cybotron was an early electro group formed in 1980 by Juan Atkins and Richard “3070″ Davis in Detroit, Michigan. Guitarist John “Jon 5″ Housley joined soon afterward. Cybotron had a number of singles now considered classics of the electro genre,particularly “Clear” and the group’s debut “Alleys Of Your Mind”, as well as “Cosmic Cars” and “R-9″.

Cover of seminal Cybotron record produced by J...

Image via Wikipedia


The group was inspired by midwestern funk, especially the music of George Clinton, along with European synthesizer pioneers Kraftwerk, Japanese electro pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra, English electropop, Italo disco, and futurist literary influences such as Alvin Toffler‘s books Future Shock and The Third Wave.[2] The name “Cybotron”, coined by Atkins, is a portmanteau of cyborg and cyclotron. Atkins was fond of creating such “futuristic-sounding” words — the record label names “Metroplex” and “Transmat” being other examples.

Relation to techno

Although generally considered electro, Cybotron was also part of the early evolution of techno music. Cybotron was the first musical outlet of techno co-”originator” Juan Atkins, and the group’s unique combination of musical influences, boldly experimental aesthetic, and afro-futurist philosophy became the underpinnings of Detroit Techno.

[edit] Success and breakup

Formed in 1981, Cybotron first singles were “Alleys of Your Mind” and “Cosmic Cars,” released as 7-inch disks on Atkins’ own label Deep Space Records. In total, these disks sold 15,000 copies.In 1983, the group was signed to the Berkeley, California-based Fantasy label and released its debut album, Enter.

In 1985, Atkins left the group due to artistic differences with Davis. Davis wanted the group to pursue a musical direction closer to rock, while Atkins wanted to continue in the electro-style vein of “Clear.” After the breakup, Davis carried on and released several records as Cybotron, the last in 1995. Atkins still has an active musical career. He founded Metroplex Records and continued releasing records under several names, including Model 500, Model 600, and Infiniti. Atkins also continued DJing under his own name.

Sydney Underground….Paying homage to the electronic music of DETROIT CHICAGO.

Paying homage to the innovators of inspired electronic music!

We come in peace to bring you nothing but the REAL shit: The electronic sounds of Detroit, Chicago, New York, Berlin, Glasgow and the like for heads who KNOW real electronic music in Sydney.


The Innovator... DM

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