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(DEEP HOUSE JAZZ) Fred P – Emotive Vibrations (Black Jazz Consortium)

Fred P – On The Vibe (Original Version)

Fred P – On The Vibe (P. Scott Sistrum Remix)

Fred P - On This (Black Jazz Consortium)

Fred P - On This (Black Jazz Consortium)

New York’s Fred P (of Black Jazz Consortium) seems to have a prodigious ability for making some of the refined DEEP JAZZY HOUSE masterworks over recent times. I added this to the collection the second I heard it last year.

Produced for Lush Culture Recordings (New York)
Mastered at Man Made Mastering, Berlin
Distributed by Intergroove
Fred P thanks Kasper, P. Scott, the Airdrop crew and B. Kasenic

Strange Signals present Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium (NYC, Soul People Music)

Fred P, Fred Peterkin, aka Black Jazz Consortium is one of the head figures of the current New York City house music renaissance, along side contemporaries Jus-Ed, DJ Qu and Levon Vincent. Hailing from Queens, and having honed his skill around the NYC DJ circuit, Fred P’s embodies the word ‘deep’. It is the single word that ties together the elements of Fred’s thoughtful, soul laden, psychedelic house music driven by a raw machine funk. His music calls to mind other luminaries such as Omar-S and Kyle Hall when thinking of the modern American house and techno sound.

Sydney Underground - Fred P (

Sydney Underground - Fred P

As a DJ, Fred crafts an effortless groove spanning sounds from soulful chord driven house through to tougher techno sounds, preferring a longer set to take the dancefloor on a fantastic journey. His podcasts for RA, XLR8 and Modyfier have brought him cult like status, and to dancefloors as hallowed as Japan‘s legendary Labyrinth festival, where his recent set there is spoken about in revered terms.

His productions as Fred P and Black Jazz Consortium, largely released on his own Soul People Music imprint are highly sought after, and for good reason. He’s carved his niche in the deep house community, producing music that is born from classical house roots, full of analog synths, drum machines and Detroit influenced chords and keys. It’s at once simple yet crafty, emotive yet funky, strange yet beautiful, but always, always, deep. His productions have lead to collaborations with Move D, and releases on respected label Underground Quality, run by Jus-Ed, as well as co-releasing with Vakula on Ethearal Sound. Check his bona-fide classic ‘Emotive Vibrations’ to see what we mean.

Strange Signals is very pleased to have Fred play for a 3+ hour extended set.
Joining Fred P for the evening is Ken Cloud, Sydney house and techno veteran, a quarter of the infamous Mad Racket crew, and someone who needing no introduction to the word ‘deep’. Chosen for his understanding of music and breadth of sound, Ken will be dusting off some old, dropping some new and warming up the room for the experience that is Fred P.

Where: GoodGod Small Club
When: Saturday 12th November, 11pm
Tickets: $20 + bf presale at Resident Advisor

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DETROIT TECHNO, HI TECH SOUL: Derrick May Interview on Red Bull Music Academy (Japan 2010)

Kraftwerk live in Rome in 2004.

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